Are you concerned with the visibility of your business online? Online promotion is a vast and ever evolving subject - perhaps you're worried that your current website isn't as search friendly as it could be, or that you're not making the best of online opportunities available to you. You might already be familiar with Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Promotion. If so, we can meet your requirements. If not and it’s all completely baffling, we’ll put in to plain English so you can decide what you need.

It can be difficult to predict the best avenues for online promotion because every business is different and constantly evolving. All of our optimisation work is backed up by statistical monitoring and trackable links which are used to proactively monitor results. Depending on the volume of traffic you receive versus expectations we can tell within a fairly short period whether a campaign is on track or if it needs revising. From experience we have a good knowledge of statistical analysis and can honestly advise on outcomes - we like the upfront approach and so do our clients.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of refining your website and the links to it in order to ensure that it stands the best chance of appearing in search engines for keywords relevant to it. This takes time and effort - anyone who tells you otherwise is probably not giving you the full story!

We believe in optimising for search in an ethical and visitor friendly manner, we don't believe in stuffing your website so full of keywords any human visitor is immediately put off. We can also advise you on techniques to build incoming links to your website which will be important if you're serious about improving your online reputation.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

All the major search and social media networks offer a paid advertising service where you can opt to pay in order to increase your visibility. PPC advertising is perfect if you're looking to give yourself a targeted boost on phrases or to demographics which you haven't reached yet through natural methods. It's fairly instant so it starts to take effect quickly - but you pay for the privilege.

Search advertising

With search advertising you typically bid in an auction style fashion on particular phrases - for example if you're a hairdresser based in Exeter you might bid on the phrase 'exeter hairdressers' or 'hairdresser in exeter'. You set a maximum spend per day and the network shows your ad to searchers using those phrases - if they click on the ad you will be charged - hence the term pay per click.

Social media advertising

With social media advertising you bid on a demographic basis - for example on Facebook the hairdresser in Exeter may choose to advertise only to female members who are aged between 20-50 and living in the Devon area. The demographic bidding options on networks such as Facebook allow you to target your adverts to an almost scary level of detail which makes them all the more interesting.

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Location targeted listings

There is an increasing focus on providing location specific results which is being led by Google Local Business. As always when Google start something the other networks follow suit with Bing and Facebook offering similar systems in competition to the Google.

If you have a location based business then it's particularly important to utilise the opportunities available to you - listings are often free or low cost and fairly quick to set up. This is currently a fast moving but worthwhile area to target.

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Depending on your business sector and target market there are various opportunities to feature your business in sites and directories relevant to your audience. This is particularly effective when the site you are working with is highly complimentary to your own offering - rather than a direct competitor.

If you would like us to take a look at your current promotional set-up and advise where we might be able to help please contact us and we'll delighted to discuss potential options to increase your coverage and step your online promotion up to the next level.